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Institutional client survey conducted in 2023

The most popular service in Polish companies is a mobile phone - almost all companies use it (97%), according to the latest survey of institutional clients, conducted in 2023.

Internet penetration is also very high (93%). Companies most often use fixed access (76%). Every second company uses the Internet on a phone, mainly due to the mobile nature of work. For every fifth company, Internet is of key importance in their business. For more than half, it is of an auxiliary nature. Nearly half of enterprises would not be willing to change their connection. Stability, connection quality and costs are the key factors determining the choice of the type of Internet connection.

Internet is not only a tool for obtaining information, but also a key medium for communication with customers and an access channel to information portals. Instant messengers are used in more than half of companies. Messenger and WhatsApp are most frequently used. The main reason for using them is the lack of fees. Even though modern solutions are present on the business market, traditional communication methods are still more popular. 39% of companies have a fixed line telephone. It is used primarily to increase the company's credibility in the eyes of customers. People often use the service out of habit. As part of the package, it is treated as an add-on, not the main service.

Every 4th company uses OTT services. These are almost always instant messengers. Almost half of companies (46%) have application services such as navigation, location, cloud data storage or smart home.

There is little willingness to replace traditional services with OTT services. Most companies using OTT have positive experiences with providers of this type of services and believe that these services have had a positive impact on the company's operations (or have had no impact). E-services are becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs in Poland. Almost half of companies use such services. The most frequently visited website is pue.zus.pl (81%), followed by epuap.gov.pl (44%).

Companies are aware of the dangers lurking online, but the level of protection against them is still at a basic level. Most companies use device protection programs and up-to-date software (almost 70% in both cases). Every third company uses solutions that increase privacy on the Internet, and this is mainly done using antivirus software (65%). There is little tendency to employ security specialists or organize training in this area.

Three out of four companies have heard the term 5G network. The results show that Polish companies recognize the potential of 5G technology, but many of them do not yet feel its impact. Entrepreneurs fear that the introduction of 5G may involve the need to replace equipment or increase data privacy, ensure security and require greater supervision. The vast majority of companies are satisfied with the parameters of their network such as speed, efficiency and reliability.

Only 4% of companies decide to use artificial intelligence, and only 2% plan to introduce such solutions in the future. Tools for knowledge management (65%) and generating visual content (58%) are in the lead. Work automation is an integral part of the activities of only 6% of companies on the Polish market. Concerns about employee retraining and increase in the costs are important barriers to introducing work automation.

Every fifth company has heard of Big Data, and 12% use this solution. According to companies, its main advantage is the ability to reduce costs and the reliability of data. Companies considered the main disadvantage to be the weakening of the competition-based economy. The new technology most often used by entrepreneurs is cloud computing, used by 38% of companies. The advantage of the solution is protection against data loss. The disadvantage is the risk of data leakage due to failure.

Entrepreneurs are generally satisfied with the functioning of the telecommunications market in Poland. The worst (though still positive) ratings were given to the effectiveness of complaints and the level of prices. According to entrepreneurs, the development of the telecommunications market is most influenced by the fiber optic network and competition among operators, while excessive bureaucracy has the least influence. Nearly every fourth company notices positive changes in the telecommunications services market, which are mainly reflected in an increase in the number of offers or dynamic development of technology. 16% of companies notice negative changes and in the vast majority of cases it is an increase in prices.


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