Premium rate

UKE is working to improve the subscribers’ situation in the premium rate services market

On 4 July, the draft was submitted to inter-ministerial consultations and public consultations and is expected to enter into force on 1 January 2018.

The need for introduction of statutory changes in premium rate services regulations is due to insufficient effectiveness of existing regulations. This ineffectiveness is reflected by signals coming from the market to UKE about irregularities related to these services, primarily related to subscribers being charged with fees for unintentionally ordered services. It deemed therefore necessary to take steps to counteract this situation. It is worth pointing out that the need for new regulation also arises from the fact that the current mode of operation of the premium rate services market puts at particular risk those with low knowledge of telecommunications and new technologies, who should be adequately protected by the law.

The most important proposals elaborated by the Ministry of Digital Affairs and UKE aim to protect the least-informed subscribers by introducing a default financial limit, which once exceeded, results in blocking calls to premium numbers. They also aim at reducing the negative impact of abuse on the subscribers - the draft envisages the principle that the costs of non-compliant services will not be covered, as well as increases the transparency of the premium rate services market by improving the functioning of the register of these services maintained by the President of UKE.

At the next stages of work on the regulations for premium rate services, UKE will continue close cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Affairs and will cooperate with other public institutions and NGOs so that these regulations could solve the problems currently experienced by subscribers to the greatest possible extent.