UKE at Ericsson Academy. 5G Knowledge Transfer

UKE at Ericsson Academy. 5G Knowledge Transfer

Ericsson in Poland provides the special workshop for UKE.

The 5G Knowledge Transfer will help regulator representatives to prepare the possible scenarios of the 5G integration to Poland.  The project covers highly customized blended training approach based on Competence Gap Analysis and Job Profile analysis.

The aim of this cooperation is to develop the critical competencies in UKE required to support Poland’s 5G ambitions and understand what changes in regulations are necessary in order to build the strategic development of 5G technology in Poland.

The development of 5G will have a significant impact on expanding the country's economic development potential. Joint activities of state institutions, universities, enterprises and startups are a necessary condition enabling the creation of a proper ecosystem necessary to ensure the economic development of the country. A knowledge-based society with its innovativeness and entrepreneurship will be the main driving force of the Polish economy in the future.

The 5G Knowledge Transfer includes training delivered as instructor-led classes, video sessions, self-study and Web Based Learning.

The training that will last for six weeks, includes modules ‘Introduction to telecommunications’ ‘5G Overview’, ‘5G Use Cases’, ‘5G Radio’, ‘Security’, ‘3GPP standard (3rd Generation Partnership Project)’, ‘IoT Overview’ and ‘5G Business Potential for Poland’.


The UKE & Ericsson project is more than knowledge and experience sharing. It’s a great opportunity to meet business expectations in terms of deployment of new technologies. The joint workshops will help us launch 5G in Poland even more effectively, for the benefit of all consumers. It’s a chance to start big things with small steps - said Marcin Cichy, President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

Ericsson in Poland is very pleased to partner UKE with sharing our 5G knowledge. It confirms that we our recognized as an expert on this topic and that our competence knowledge and skills which we provide to the Polish market is recognized by the Polish regulator. I believe that together we will introduce the 5G network more effectively in Poland - stated Martin Mellor, Head of Ericsson in Poland.