The UN Broadband Commission in the face of challenges related to COVID-19

The UN Broadband Commission in the face of challenges related to COVID-19

On April 1, over 100 representatives from around the world participated in an emergency virtual meeting of the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, dedicated to the activities of the Commission in connection with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The extraordinary online meeting has adopted an emergency  Agenda for Action  outlining immediate measures that governments, industry, the international community and civil society can take to shore-up digital networks, strengthen capacity at critical connectivity points like hospitals and transport hubs, and boost digital access and inclusivity, with the aim of strengthening collective response to the COVID-19 crisis now sweeping the world.

Built around three pillars: Resilient Connectivity, Affordable Access, and Safe Use for Informed and Educated Societies, the agenda serves as a framework for the Commission’s 50+ Commissioners and their organizations (including UKE) to share their own initiatives, make new commitments, and foster collaboration and partnership.

The Broadband Commission continues its activities in the digital field, remaining a platform of mutual communication and exchange of good practices. The President of UKE, as the Broadband Commissioner, together with the UKE team – Wojciech Berezowski as his focal point in the Commission and Maciej Piotrowski, Chief Specialist in the International Organizations Unit in the Department of Foreign Affairs - participate in its work, which at this exceptional time moved mainly to the online world.

Also in connection with COVID-19, ITU has launched a special platform (Global Resiliency Platform, #REG4COVID), which enables individual entities (including regulators) sharing their initiatives and best practices used in this crisis situation:

UKE also contributes to this global initiative and is involved in sharing know-how acquired from Polish stakeholders.

We encourage you to report Polish activities in the digital field, which we can share on a global forum in this difficult period.