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The President of UKE opened the ITU-T plenary session in Wrocław

During his speech, Jacek Oko emphasized the long tradition of cooperation between UKE and ITU. The event, under the patronage of the Office of Electronic Communications, is a part of the series of meetings of ITU-T SG5, a group in the International Telecommunication Union focused on the environment, climate action, sustainable digitalization and circular economy.

In 2017, UKE and ITU-T organized “ITU-T Workshop on 5G, EMF & Health”, in Warsaw. Fruitful cooperation between UKE and ITU-T SG5 resulted with the adoption of ITU-T Supplement - K.Suppl.14. in 2019. This facilitated the introduction of international, ICNIRP RF EMF exposure limits in Poland, replacing former, restrictive limits suppressing the implementation of the 5G system. The assessment of human exposure to EMF is important both for UKE and ITU-T SG5.

An important topic for ITU-T SG5 is the energy efficiency of ICT devices. This is also an important topic for UKE and the Wrocław University of Science and Technology (WUST). The impact of ICT devices on the environment and the circular economy in environmental protection is currently a matter of particular interest to society. Electromagnetic compatibility is another area of ​​interests common to ITU-T SG5, UKE and WUST.