The next stage of regulation - providing access to cable infrastructure

On January 22, we issued regulatory decisions specifying the conditions for providing access to cable infrastructure in residential buildings. It will increase competition among operators and will facilitate consumers’ access to telecommunications services.

Until now, cable operators have barely provided competitors with unused telecommunications cables or dictated high fees - on average PLN 22-26 in relation to the provision of subscriber fiber optic cables. As a consequence, infrastructure was often duplicated, which increased the cost of reaching the consumer.

The changes introduced by UKE - preceded by over a six-month preparatory period for operators - ensure: the obligation to provide access to unused cables, a simple way of providing the service to the end user, and minimization of duplication of telecommunications infrastructure.

Regulations will increase competition among operators, contribute to reducing the cost of providing services, enable investment in other areas and accelerate the start of providing services to consumers.

The changes are in accordance with European Union law, including the Europe 2020 strategy, the Digital Single Market and the European Digital Agenda.

Details of the decision are available (in Polish) in the UKE Public Information Bulletin.