Inteligent City classes

Teenagers from Nemenčinė in Lithuania coding with UKE

Sixteen teenagers from Konstanty Parczewski  Middle School in Nemenčinė have come to Poland to take part in the activities offered as part of the “Coding with UKE” and “I click sensibly” campaigns. The participants have learnt about the positive aspects of using digital technologies and the risks associated with uncontrolled access to the internet. They have also done some coding using the Smart City educational mat and the Scottie Go game.

The teenagers were invited by the President UKE and the ArchitectsPL Foundation and will stay in Poland until 27 July. They will visit UKE laboratories in Borucza, including the Central Laboratory for Technical Research and the Central Station of Radio Emissions Control.

The busy schedule also includes visits to the Copernicus Science Centre, the NBP Money Centre, the Sejm and the Belweder Palace.

We invite You to watcg a short video broadcast.