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Summary of the 1st POPC call

We have prepared a summary of the 1st call of Measure 1.1 of the Operational Programme Digital Poland for 2014 – 2020 (POPC). The purpose of the summary is to analyze the current performance of the 1st POPC call and to evaluate selected issues related to wholesale access in POPC networks.

The summary presents basic information about implemented projects, areas of intervention and POPC beneficiaries. The document also explains the role of the President of UKE in the 1st POPC call, especially in the context of legal acts regulating wholesale access to the POPC networks. In addition, the summary contains a list of fees for active, passive and complementary services charged by POPC beneficiaries.

The attachment to the summary is an analysis of the personal and material scope of the checks carried out. It contains such data as: the number of inspections carried out over beneficiaries, the number of address points and public units subjected to inspection, or the number of audit recommendations issued.

The attachments are available on the Polish website.