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Report on the telecommunications market in 2019

What was the value of the Polish telecommunications market, how many of us used the Internet and what was the connection speed, how many of us have a mobile phone, and how many were tempted by services sold in packages? We present the Report on the condition of the telecommunications market in Poland in 2019.

In 2019, the value of the telecommunications market amounted to PLN 39.6 billion. This means an increase by PLN 0.4 billion compared to 2018. The penetration of fixed-line internet services per household increased by 4 pp. and amounted to 54.8%. Already 75 percent. households in Poland have access to fixed-line internet with a speed of at least 30 Mb / s - this is an annual increase of 3.4 pp. At the same time, the share of fixed lines with a speed of at least 100 Mb / s in 2019 amounted to 50.4% of the total number of Internet lines, i.e. it was by almost 8 pp. higher than the year before. The length of fiber optic lines in our country is also increasing every year. Last year, there was a 1.5% increase in network length compared to 2018.

In 2019, the saturation of the telecommunications market with bundled services increased. It is true that the number of users has slightly decreased compared to 2018, but at the same time the value of the market for these services has reached the level of PLN 9.53 billion, i.e. by about 12%. more than a year earlier. This shows that users have  begun to make fuller use of available packages.
In the last few years, there has been a systematic decline in the number of mobile telephony users, but last year this trend was reversed - at the end of 2019, the total number of active SIM cards amounted to 52.2 million, i.e. 1.16%. more than in 2018. The penetration of these services also increased, reaching almost 136%.

However, the value of the market and the number of fixed-line telephony users are decreasing year by year. The costs of using this service are also decreasing, and the prices of these services in Poland are among the lowest among the European Union countries.
We invite you to read the report.

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