Report on the state of the telecommunications market in 2023

Report on the state of the telecommunications market in 2023

What would the telecommunications market look like in 2023? We invite you to read our report.

  • What were the revenues from telecommunications services for the entire market and its individual segments?
  • What percentage of households used Internet access services and what technologies and connection speeds were most often used?
  • How many customers used mobile telephony services?
  • Which services were most often provided as part of packages?  
  • How was the implementation of POPC completed?

These are just some of the questions answered by the report on the state of the telecommunications market in Poland in 2023.

The value of the telecommunications market in 2023 increased by 6% compared to 2022 and amounted to PLN 43.1 billion. PLN 11.1 billion was spent on telecommunications investments, 1.1% less than in the previous year.

9.5 million customers used fixed-line Internet access services, 3.6% more than in 2022. Revenues from this market segment increased by 8.4% and amounted to PLN 5.9 billion.

The number of customers with mobile Internet access provided via SIM cards used in dedicated devices was 8.9 million (an increase of 1.6%). Revenues in this area decreased by 1.3% compared to the previous year and amounted to PLN 2.2 billion.

The most frequently used telephone service was mobile telephony, used by 52.4 million users. The landline telephone service has been losing importance for another year. In 2023, it was used by 2.1 million users, 13.1% less compared to 2022. The VoIP telephony service has also lost importance, although to a much lesser extent. It was provided to 2.8 million customers, 2.8% less than a year earlier.

Similarly to the previous year, 75% of households used paid TV services, the revenue from which reached PLN 6.8 billion.

In 2023, the vast majority of users of bundled services chose double play packages (77.5%).

At the end of 2023, virtually the entire 99% of the country was covered by mobile Internet with a maximum speed of at least 100 Mb/s. The most frequently chosen services in Poland were services with a capacity of 300 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s.

Broadband networks of wholesale operators who provide access to their networks to entrepreneurs who use them to provide retail services are becoming more and more popular. Open wholesale access to fiber optic networks in Poland covered 4.2 million households in 2023.

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