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Report on the state of the Polish postal market in 2020

What was 2020 like for the Polish postal market? Have analysts' forecasts come true that social distancing and lockdown, stimulating e-commerce, will translate into dynamic increases in the number of courier items delivered? These questions are answered in our latest "Report on the state of the Polish postal market in 2020".

For several years, the Polish postal market has grown at a very fast pace, far ahead of the growth rate of the entire Polish economy. However, in relation to 2020, we can speak directly of a boom that has not been recorded since the liberalization of the market. This applies especially to its most important segment - courier services.

In 2020, operators operating in the courier market segment increased their revenues in total by almost PLN 1.7 billion compared to 2019. Such a jump translated into nearly 33% speed of growth. On the other hand, the volume of parcels delivered by them increased by as much as 196 million compared to 2019, which means 45% speed of growth.

Moreover, analysts expect that the e-commerce market will continue to grow at a double-digit pace in the coming years. Almost all major players have announced further investments in the collection point network, and if the forecasts for the growth in the value of the Polish e-commerce market are confirmed, the volume of courier items in the next few years may increase to as much as 750 million items per year.

We invite you to download and read the report (in Polish).