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Public consultations concerning NGA white areas

Consultations concerning NGA white areas preceding the 3rd competition within the second round of the 1.1 measure under Operational Programme Digital Poland (OPDP) will be held until 31 July 2018. The list of such areas has been prepared by UKE. 

In this process, information obtained during this year’s infrastructure and telecommunications services inventory was used. The list of „NGA white areas” does not include locations covered by investment plans notified as part of public consultations on NGA white areas in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (which are considered to be reliable and the implementation of which was confirmed before the start of this year’s consultations), areas for which project co-financing contracts were signed as part of the 1st and 2nd competitions within the 1.1 OPDP measure, and areas selected for the first round of the call for applications for co-financing as part of the 3rd competition within measure 1.1 OPDP. 

In order to select the areas to be covered by the consultations, the data was combined with the TERYT dictionary (National Official Register of the Territorial Division of the Country kept by the Statistics Poland) and the reference address dictionaries. The data was then standardised. At the final stage, the data was analysed to identify any telecommunications infrastructure or investments in progress in the areas concerned, also as part of the OPDP.

The UKE employees will also participate in the works of an interministerial team in charge of the evaluation of the notified investment plans.
In 2018, the consultations cover nearly 2.3 million address points, including over 2.6 thousand addresses of schools.

The public consultations will run from 29 June until 31 July. As part of the consultations, the Ministry of Digital Affairs is collecting investment plans concerning the broadband infrastructure for the upcoming 3 years.