Measurement campaign conducted under market surveilliance of Power Line Communication Devices

Measurement campaign conducted under market surveilliance of Power Line Communication Devices

The President of Office of Electronic Communications pays special attention to market development and new technologies. By conducting controls under market surveillance, we try to verify the biggest range of products used by Polish consumers.

Aim of the campaign
More and more PLC devices are available on the market, i. a. due to their use in so-called intelligent houses, to set a network of devices. It is a task of the President of UKE  to ensure that this kind of products comply with relevant requirements and are safe for users. Hence, Inspectors from UKE conducted controls of 14 PLC devices, which should comply with the  requirements pursuant to EMC Directive , and in the case of devices using wireless communication, with the requirements set in RED Directive .

What is a PLC device? 
PLC device is used for data transmission through cables in electric installation.

By choosing the products to control, the President of UKE aimed at testing a group of products from different brands and models available on the market. Monitoring included i.e. conducting technical tests in Central Technical Test Laboratory of UKE. Moreover, the correctness of documentation drawn up and provided with products was verified.

Monitoring of the essential requirements
Monitoring of all devices consisted in verifying if the product has CE marking in place. Moreover, it was checked whether the manufacturer and importer have put on the product or its packaging information about their contact details and information identifying the device, as well as whether the manufacturer issued a declaration of conformity. Conducted monitoring has shown that all 14 products had the aforesaid information in place. 

Monitoring of technical requirements - tests
In addition, 6 products were subjected to laboratory tests in order to verify the compliance of devices with appropriate harmonised norm , declared by undertakings. Tests has shown that none of the 6 products complied with the technical requirements. It was necessary to initiate actions by the President of UKE to remove this PLC devices off the market.
Detailed information about the controlled devices are enclosed in the attachment.

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