Kobieta i mężczyzna na elektrycznych hulajnogach

Measurement campaign conducted under market surveillance - electric vehicles

UKE has inspected electric skateboards, scooters and children's toy cars. The majority of the inspected devices did not comply with the requirements.

18 products were tested: 10 that use radio technology (including wifi or bluetooth) and 8 electric devices that do not use radio technology.

The inspection covered the verification whether the products meet formal requirements. In addition, some of the products were subjected to technical tests at the Central Technical Tests Laboratory of UKE. The results of the inspection showed that 12 products were not compliant with the requirements.

The inspection consisted in checking whether the product is CE-marked, and whether the manufacturer and importer placed the information on the product or packaging about their contact details and data identifying the device and whether the manufacturer issued a declaration of conformity for the offered product. 11 devices did not have this information.

Five devices were subjected to laboratory tests. Two of them did not meet the technical requirements. One of them did not meet the requirements in the field of the operating frequency, while the other one did not meet the requirements of conductive voltage disturbances at network terminals.