GSM repeater

Illegal GSM repeaters

The use of signal amplifiers, popularly known as GSM repeaters, has become popular among mobile users. Few people know, however, that only telecommunications operators have the right to install this type of equipment.
The use of signal amplifiers is regulated by law. In accordance with the provisions of the regulation, natural and business entities who independently install and use repeaters, do so unlawfully.

Why is it so important to have the repeater installed and configured by the operator? Because unauthorized installations of this type usually cause very serious problems with the functioning of cellular networks within a radius of several kilometers: a significant deterioration in the quality of calls and even loss of signal. It is not difficult to imagine a situation in which the unauthorized installation of the repeater makes it impossible for people within the radius of interference generated by the device to quickly call for help. It is also not difficult to imagine how dramatic the consequences may be.

Due to the threat posed, unauthorized use of repeaters is subject to sanctions: a fine of up to PLN 1000, and – in the case of persistent action – a penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment of up to 2 years.

In case of problems with the cellular signal strength, please ask your operator to install the appropriate device. Only the installation of the amplifier by the network operator guarantees that the problem with the signal will be solved without harming other mobile users.