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Control campaign of devices for audio or video recording

We inspected 11 models of radio devices. The control covered both cameras, microphones and cameras equipped with a microphone. Due to the function of recording sound or image, these devices can be used as a means of recording human behavior in hiding. Nine of these products did not meet the requirements set for them.

Seven devices were subjected to laboratory tests. All models met the technical requirements for radio devices.

The control consisted in checking whether for individual devices:

1. the manufacturer has issued a declaration of conformity,

2. the instruction manual in Polish is attached,

3. the product and packaging bear the CE conformity marking,

4. the manufacturer and importer placed information about their contact details on the product or packaging,

5. the product has device identification data.

The above requirements were not met by 9 models of devices used for recording sound or image.

Remember that recording a conversation with a microphone or camera, even if it complies with the above requirements, is allowed only by its parties.

Detailed information on the controlled products can be found in the appendix (in Polish).

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