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Consumer surveys 2019

We present the results of the latest consumer survey. It shows how we use telecommunications services every day.

How many of us still have a fixed-line telephone, what form of Internet access do we use, what percentage of us watch the cable or satellite pay TV? How much do we spend on a mobile phone, how many of us have a banking application on our smartphone, how often do we use roaming, premium rate services and what do we know about online threats? These are some of the questions that our latest consumer survey answers. On the basis of it, we have created three reports: about private and institutional customers as well as about seniors aged 60+.

For private customers, more than nine out of ten respondents use a mobile phone. Internet use is also quite common among Poles (70.5%), with the majority of users having mobile internet access on the phone (91.2%). Over half of the Internet users have a banking application installed on their phone.

The average monthly expenditure on a mobile phone in Poland is over 52 PLN, however the highest declared amount of expenditure in a month is 500 PLN. Premium rates services are part of this bill - but just over 4% of respondents use them and most often (65.5%) to support a charity campaign.

Only 30% of seniors (60+) use the internet. The main concern when it comes to using the internet is the possibility of falling victim to fraud, as well as not believing in being able to use a web browser, which in this case appears to be of crucial importance.   

Seniors also use the computer relatively rarely - only 26.5% of them declare it. The main barrier is the inability to use it, but also the lack of such a need or lack of access to equipment.

In contrast, almost 82% people aged 60 and over use a mobile phone. At the same time, still one-fifth of the surveyed seniors have a fixed-line phone, although more than half of them mainly out of habit.

Institutional customers use mobile phones in almost 100%, and the number of active SIM cards is 2.6 per company, although almost a quarter of the respondents also have a fixed-line phone. Almost 90% of them have Internet access in companies, which is needed to obtain necessary information, communicate with clients, as well as for internal communication. Over 60% of the respondents know the concept of "5G network", but argue that the current parameters of Internet access in their company are sufficient to conduct business.

We invite you to read the reports.

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