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Certified Internet monitoring mechanism nominated in WSIS Prizes 2020

"Certify to verify - Internet service quality tool’s certification" has been nominated in WSIS Prizes 2020, an annual competition organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). We encourage you to vote for the UKE's initiative on the WSIS Prizes' website.

The mechanism has been certified by the President of UKE in December 2018, for a period of two years. It is free of charge and available for every individual. It enables a user to check convergence of the parameters (data transfer, delays) indicated in a contract with the actual ones.

PRO Speed Test is a system that consists of an Internet website and applications for desktop computers, WEB and mobile applications (available on Android and iOS systems). Unlike other online tools, the PRO Speed Test application verifies under which conditions the measurement was performed. It checks, among other things, such elements as the central processing unit load, type of a network interface card, presence of active VPN lines, intensity of traffic generated in the background, number of devices in the user's home network.

Whenever a user would like to submit a complaint, he can perform a certified test in the application and generate a report on the service quality. If there are repetitive discrepancies between a contract and the actual service parameters, it has to be stated that a contract is not respected appropriately.

Presentation of the mechanism in the international environment will enable sharing UKE’s expertise and experience in the field of consumer protection. The consumers' good is one of the UKE's priorities; the mechanism, being an example of good practice is therefore an initiative that has to be continued.

In order to vote for the project "Certify to verify", you have to register on the WSIS Prizes 2020 website and choose your favorites (in each of the categories). The voting is open until 24th January 2020.