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Call for input regarding ERGP Work Programme 2021

ERGP needs to set priorities to be developed in its Work Programme 2021, so that ERGP work is relevant and has a meaningful, positive impact on the market.

In ERGP Work Programme (WP) 2020, ERGP work is prioritised in order to address in a future proof way, major current issues arising mainly from the market evolvement, new business models, international networks, changes to users’ needs and the consequences thereof for the regulatory framework.

WP 2020 has been organised based on the three Strategic Pillars of ERGP Medium Term Strategy 2020-2022:

  • Strategic Pillar I - Revisiting the postal sector
  • Strategic Pillar II - Promoting a competitive EU postal single market
  • Strategic Pillar III - Empowering end-users and ensuring a user oriented universal service

In that context and in the interest of a wide stakeholder participation at an early stage, ERGP is asking for comments and proposals of your organization regarding the 2021 ERGP Work Programme, with priorities and specific topics or issues for 2021, including possible desired deliverables.

The draft ERGP Work Programme 2021 documents will be, as usual, open to a public consultation, which is expected to take place during Q3 2020. The final version should be approved by the 19th ERGP Plenary on 27 November 2020.

Please send your input to and by 17 March 2020. All input received from the stakeholders, will be published in ERGP website, unless it is clearly marked as confidential.

ERGP is the most important platform for cooperation between the national regulatory authorities of the European Union Member States in the field of post-market and an advisory body to the European Commission.