An improved internet quality monitoring tool certified by the President of UKE

An improved internet quality monitoring tool certified by the President of UKE

From 1 December, all consumers can benefit from the improved mechanism for monitoring the quality of internet access. The tool has been certified today by the President of UKE. This means that the measurement results may be, among others, the basis for pursuing claims in the complaint process.
The new mechanism will replace the current one, the certification period of which ends on November 30, 2020. Its task, however, remains unchanged - it is to increase the protection of users and competition between providers based on the quality of services provided.

Unlike other tools available on-line, the PRO Speed Test application verifies the conditions under which the measurement was carried out. Checks include such elements as processor load, type of network card, presence of active VPN connections, intensity of generated background traffic, number of devices in the user's home network.

The mechanism, which was provided free of charge by the company V-Speed sp.z o.o., selected in the competition, will be available at The system consists of a website, desktop application (Windows and Mac oS) and WEB application. There is also a mobile application (running on Android and iOS), but due to legal and technical conditions, the results of mobile measurements will only be informative.

What does the app measure?

With the desktop application, the consumer can check the upload and download speeds, latency and latency variability of hers/his fixed internet service. In the new version of the mechanism, there are several changes important for the user:
• increasing the maximum measured speed from 1 Gbps to 2.5 Gbps
• increasing the availability of applications for various operating systems (Windows and Mac oS)
• introducing the option of automatic sequential measurements
• exemption from registration obligation for purely informative measurements
• introduction of the English language version of the application and website.
The implementation of the mechanism was preceded by verification by an independent expert and tests performed by internet access service providers and users.

The website is fully compliant with WCAG 2.1, AA, which was confirmed by the Widzialni Foundation with the Website Bez Barier certificate. The certificate guarantees the availability of the website for people with disabilities.

Certification is a claim tool for the consumer

Under EU law, fixed-line internet providers are required to provide the minimum, usually available and maximum data transmission in contracts. If breaches from contractual speeds are demonstrated through a certified mechanism, consumers will have a basis for effective claims against providers. This is the advantage of the mechanism certified by the President of UKE over the measurement tools available on the net.