Margin Squeeze Test for OPDP

Margin Squeeze Test for OPDP

The award of public aid as part of measure 1.1 of the Operational Programme Digital Poland (OPDP) entails an obligation to provide open, equal and effective wholesale access to the OPDP network. In the case of services provided over the OPDP network, such as BSA, LLU and VULA, the OPDP beneficiary verifies the applied charges using the Margin Squeeze test, whose tenets are outlined in the “Access rules for households”. In order to easily check whether the above requirements are satisfied, we have developed a tool for conducting Margin Squeeze Tests in the form of an xls file. We have also prepared a manual detailing the tool’s rules.

On 24 September, the first version of the tool for Margin Squeeze Test for POPC networks was published.

On 24 October, on the other hand, a workshop entitled “Project optimisation and obligations of applicants and beneficiaries under measure 1.1 OPDP” was held. The aim of the workshop was to present the tool and collect relevant opinions.

We analysed the opinions and implemented those that were considered justified by modifying the tool itself and its description. The attachment presents the updated tool with the manual. In 2019, there will also be a workshop for OPDP beneficiaries concerning the tool. Thank you for your active participation in the workshops and for presenting your opinions and concerns regarding the tool.

The materials in Polish are available on this website.